If our feet could tell a story...

Heel balm

Our feet and hand tell stories about us. We wouldn't believe how much we got know about our health state if we monitor the signals of our body. Some health problems especially dispose graduation of the feet problems. People with diabetes, vasoconstriction, feet- and nail fungus frequent feet care is almost regulatory - because of its preventive effect.

All momentums of our spiritual life left small signs on our feet. It carries much bigger weight as our hand so reflects the stages of our life much better. Our left feet tells about our past, the right is our present. Our feet is a miniature reflection of our body. Our big toe equal to our head, the middle part to our trunk, and the third tierce match to the lower part of the body. So the skin's changes on the feet shows the place of the interior problems. The size of feet refers to the size of our interior organs, its temperature sneaks on our circulation (e.g. the crackles between the toes shows bad circulation).

The skin of our feet reflects our vitality, function of our organs and shows our interior state. It is not allowed to extenuate the too thick skin because the interior defense system and the organ related to the point weakens. According to the TCM skin represents the lungs so especially the cigarette smokers must pay attention to tend their feet.

The red, inflamed grooves refer to inflamed organs. If these are on the inner part of the heel then the sciatic nerve, lower vertebrae, pelvis, bladder and lower abdomen problems can be present. If the grooves appear on the pulvinated part of the feet (on the heel's side) then this shows stomach burn, heart complaints, thyroid gland problems. For removing these beside the creaming the inner problems must be treated too.

What do the changes of the feet indicate?

The possible energy disturbances, problems, diseases inside the body manifest exterior signs on the feet. When comparing left and right feet first look whether are there differences between the two foot in color, form, changes (e.g.: node, papilla, callosity, pimpernel). If there is pimpernel on the second and third toes' joints then it is sure that the person has eye-problems. If all of these occur on the root of the fourth and fifth toe then our ear indicates for us.

Further curiosities

Our uncared body parts more liable to get ill and react slower to attendance. The base pillar of our health is our feet so it is not all the same if we take seriously the deformities on our feet, try to amend these or we just don't care about them. The feet fornix which is raised in time can even prevent the child from the distortion of the spinal column. The long lasting waist pain after physical work can be the result of static problems too.

It is almost impossible to chip in our adolescent children shoe wearing fashion - it is understandable that they follow the trends but at least we have to achieve to wear comfortable shoes at home and pay a little attention - beside for tending their nails and feet each day.

In our climate we can walk on bare foot unfortunately only during the summer, otherwise usually we force our feet into a tight and quite often unhealthy shoes. When we got home and put down our street shoes, move our toes and have a good foot bath. In one hand it stimulates blood circulation and we also prepare our feet for the usage of Eulactol Heel Balm. Don't put any soapy or alcoholic additive into the body temperature water because those would dry out the skin during the bath.

In which cases should we use Eulactol Heel Balm?

During the summer we walk all day on bare foot, the lot of dust, pollution, the sun, the wind, the sea sand resort to our feet, but during the winter we "force" our feet into closed shoes. On our soles (and palms) there are no sebaceous glands which could ensure the protective lipid (fat) cover. The dryness of palms and soles refers to the water lack of the body. The damp, perspiring skin tends to be infected by fungusy diseases.

Feet care is not only a beauty and seasonal question. The continuous tending helps preventing callosity, pimpernel, cracking and fungus.

No vain our nails are nice and tended if our heel is discolored, harsh surfaced and our skin thickened, keratosed. It has sluttish effect, the germs can invade the constitution through the injuries of the dermis, and can cause infection.

Eulactol Heel Balm has deep hydrating, softening effect. It can be used for treating cracked and dry skin. It rebuilds and strengthen the structure of skin and makes it resistant against formation of blisters.

It can thank to its popularity to the fact that it works off perfectly, even so it lefts an invisible protecting cover which protects skin as a coat the body.

Each time when skin must be protected, Eulactol creams make a good duty.

Dry, yielded nail-bed and nail balm

Unique and prominently effective product

Human race is the only one which uses its upper limbs as hand - from doing work to kill with it. We can consider it as the addendum of brain. Our hand accomplishes our thoughts and motions manifests our emotions (stroking, hugging the loved one).

The condition of our nail - same as our feet - tells everything about us. Primarily it protects the delicate end of our fingers and helps holding things. One of the most important parts of our nail is the skin fold which covers small part of the nail. It protects the nail disc. Its injury or pushback, excision leaves folds on the nail and this is an open gate for the pathogens. The quality of nails depends on genetic endowments, diet and caring. To keep them strong and healthy, we should protect them against alkalescence and acid chemicals and against the environmental effects.

According to Freud biting the nail and the surrounded exfoliating skin parts shows one of our desire which didn't come true.

What is the hand sneaking about?

The fragile, choppy, rived nails show that our liver doesn't work perfectly. The lack of minerals and fatty acids are both visible on our nails. The quantity of gastric juice is also visible.

Further curiosities, useful information...
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It is hard to leave nail-biting. It causes dirty wounds and painful inflammation. Eulactol Nail Balm is rich in vitamin and minerals, has softening and hydrating effects. Protects the nail and its surroundings against infection, shriveling, cracking, burriness, inflammation and the increased thickening, furthermore against skin fungus - which occurs after injuries.

The manicurist, nail-builder, pedicurist colleagues - who deal with hand- and feet care all day - ranks this cream excellent because it keeps the breaking nails soft and flexible. It is a perfect support.

A gently stroking is one of the most pleasant sensations of life. The velvety smoothness of hand skin increases the joy of touch. If we like the idea that our hand speaks about us then we should make steps that it could tell the truth about us. Eulactol balms help to achieve this.

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