Part I. bambooflower® health preservation

Those doctors who came to know the MIAOMEI® - bambuszvirág® treatments - and see the labor results improving - started to support the system and recommended it to their patients. Not only for those who want to loose weight but also for those who are not ill yet but complaining that something is wrong with them.

The people who do not care about their health posteriorly will feel sorry about that they did not pay more attention to such cautionary signs as continuous fatigue, lassitude, impatience. They feel sorry that they weren't curious why their bearing capacity decreased, why they weren't able to provide 100% performance in their working place. What could be the reason for that they see their conditions more and more gloomy and why they did not understand where their strength and belief gone, which helped them in similar hard times.

There are more and more people whose health is so important for them that they are willing to do something for it in time.

They have need for healthcare because they recognized what is the meaning financially and emotionally to go to sick-pay. They do not want to spend hours in the waiting hall at the doctor and at the labor waiting for the cupping as those who unfortunately changed their mind when there have been already a problem.

The significance of condition survey - AMP

There are many beneficial - but unfortunately at least same amount of inefficient - products are available for the interested people. In the normal trade - as well as in webshops - everything can be purchased: miraculous machines, miracle pills, plasters which can solve all problems. Only by swallowing the pill after 12-24 hours there are no more pain, you can chase your great-grand child even you are 80 years old... Nowadays everybody can sell anything, it is not essential to take effect but buy it! Just put it on the shelf because on the backside of the box there is everything written - if there is. Right?



• An ancient impayable knowledge which crystallized during thousands of years.
• A traditional Chinese method transformed for the European and Hungarian people.
• Assortment of licensed and inspected safe products.
• Well-trained professional team.
• Various registered, unique massage techniques which restore the balance of body and soul.
• The holistic approach of reducing the physical and spiritual signs of bad mood, fatigue, tiredness and stress.
• Purgative program supported by Chinese medicines (herbal teas, plasters, bath herbs).
• Professional help in choosing the sustaining products for home.
• Special massage and diet set up for children

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