BAMBOO cedar tubs and bins

-  a lifelong relationship

There was a time when wood was the only material whereof the bath tubs and bins were made. The proper quality of basic commodity, the capable processing, surface treatment and the required regular attendance make wood a perfect basic commodity for baths and tubes even today. The well-shaped, aesthetic, gently processed wooden tubs become the center of the bathrooms.

Cedar tree is the survivor of tough winters and dry summers. It sees the history through. The North-American indians' totems in their original condition propagate the culture of their ancestors even today. The Phoenicians' famous fleet were made out of cedar just like king Solomon's temple's pillars or the Moroccan king's palace's ornaments.

Tivadar Csontváry Kosztka's painting - "The lonely cedar" - also sounds the fame of cedar: "Tree is living part of the world which lives in the great system of nature. It is born and dies..." According to the writer of The Little Prince: "Plant a cedar on the hill and you going to have a forest which adjourns the centuries majestically."

The volatile matter of cedar ensures a natural proof against pest and fungus so unlike many other wood material it doesn't need preservation treatment. Steam and dampness can not harm the tree. Its surface treatment wears well and durable, the unpainted, colorless varnishing protects it against pollution. The cedar tubs dry out only in an insensible degree and endure water extremely well. These don't take over different odors and pollution can not settle on the wall of cedar tubs, so their purification is easy and simple.

The facts that it grows slow - few centimeters per year - and there are only a little amount in the world increase its value. Its nature wooden material is ripening, darkening during the years in a natural way, so it is getting old together with us. Its specific, luscious scent stays long and shoots out again and again because of the warm bathing water.

It is an extremely showy tree offering a grabbing aesthetic sensation. Its color vary from yellow to mid- and dark brownish, the wavy age-rings are well visible, so the fans of the natural materials set a high value on it.

The BAMBOO tubs and bins domesticate your bathroom and change bathing an amazing thing - SPA and Wellness sensation at home.

The perfect harmony between wood and body - as two living material - can be increased with the products of the bathing-set composed from special Chinese medicines. Our body and skin acknowledge the nursing. Rubbing with herbal massage salts eliminate the unnecessary skin layer on very gentle way but in the same time extremely efficiently. The bath herbs called 5FŰ mix restore the fluxation in the energetic system of the body, this way - according to the eastern medicine - they establish the possibility of long, healthy life. The agents which dissolve into the warm bath from these herbal canvas bags give the immemorial experience of a far ethnical group wherein the life age of the people even today exceed 100 years. Spinal problem, waist pain, lumbago, head spasm, neck and shoulder pain, fluctuation of blood pressure, heart and haemal complaints, failed digestion, flatulence, joint diseases, arthritis, etc. are unknown symptoms there. It is an immemorial tradition which goes from father to son that each day they take herbal bath in their cedar tubs.

BAMBOO Cedar leg soaking bins

We use the healing power of the water since the oldest times. The leg bath is the base of healthcare. The BAMBOO herbal leg soaking mix one of the authentic deputy of the Chinese medicines. According to our ancestors the regular leg soaking soothes the skull because it leads off the blood, promotes blood circulation, let off the cranial blood stasis affected from the lot of thinking and trains and strengthens our legs. The better trained our legs are, we are infected by diseases harder. In the case of fallen arch, varicose leg, joint problems regular leg soaking is very beneficial. The youngsters, the aged and people with bad blood circulation are often suffering the unpleasant symptoms caused by cold legs. The simplest method of restoring the normal circulation is a bin full with warm water! The calming bath relaxes the limbs and ensures a peaceful dream after an exhausted and fatiguing day.

The noble wooden material's special volatile oil aromas and the agents of the leg soaking powder are beneficial to balance the constitution.

What kind of advantages the BAMBOO cedar tree leg soaking bins and tubs offer oppositely the traditional ones?

The hydrostatic pressure of water relieves the lung, alleviate breath, the rhythm of heart beat slows down, and the pulse decreases. The overstrained muscles are relaxed and expanded in the 35-40 Celsius warm bath.

The harmful radiation reaches us all day and settles on us in the form of electro-smog. It changes our own radiation which is very harmful to health. It lowers the defense capability, weakens our life strength and in the same time increases the tension, doubtfulness in us. Due to it we feel ourselves naked, weak, we become negative. It has a bad effect on us in all aspects.

The radiation of the natural cedar bins and tubs are capable to take over our unpleasant radiation. This way they deduce the excessive electrostatic charging which diffuses from us. They are perfectly convenient for the health caring volatile oil-, salty water-, drossy-, herbal baths. The cedar tub keeps warm the bath water much longer. We feel ourselves very well in the pleasant warm. We stay more in the stroking, soft water unperceived.

In the same time they make up a worthy and perfect mood environment for the traditional and medical bath treatments too which are practiced by the professional suppliers - hotels, baths, massage saloons, beauty-, SPA-, and wellness centers, pedicure saloons.

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